Rajinikanth is going to declare his political stance on Dec 31st


Superstar Rajinikanth on Tuesday addressing his fans in Chennai said he will announce his political stance on December 31.he said he was not saying he would enter politics but would only announce his “political stance” on that day. , Rajinikanth claimed he isn’t new to politics but it just got delayed, indirectly referring to the famous statement in 1996 – ‘Even God can’t save Tamil Nadu if Jayalalithaa retains power’ which defeated AIADMK in the Assembly Polls. At the same time, He tried to maintain the suspense by saying, ‘God willing, I will enter politics. My stand will be announced on December 31st’.
He also advised his fans not to focus on the negative information being circulated in the social media. “Focus on positive thoughts,” Members of Rajinikanth’s fan club would also get an opportunity to take a photograph with their matinee idol at the meeting


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