GSTC collections reduced


The goods and service tax (GST) dropped in Nov, the second month in a row. The total collection was in Nov was Rs 80,808 crore. This is the lowest level in gross domestic product since the start of the GST in July. The main reason for this is the reduction of rates on certain goods as part of the new national sales tax policy. According to latest figures released by Finance Ministry on Tuesday, in Oct, the GST collection was Rs .83, 000 crore and in Nov it was Rs 80,808 crore.

In July, GST collects Rs 95000 crore. Rs 91000 crore in august. In Sep, it was Rs 92,150 crore. In November, the collection was Rs 80,808 crore. 7,798 crore were collected as com pension cesga. The state GST is Rs 18,650 crore as Central GST of Rs 13,089 crore. Integrated goods GST are Rs 41,270 crore.


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