Rs 2,843 crore to the Department of Culture….


NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Culture has allocated Rs 2,843 crore in the budget. This is 3.82 percent higher than last year. In the last budget, the department has allocated Rs 2,738.47 crore. On the other hand, an amount of Rs 974.56 crore has been allocated to the Archaeological Department of India. It was 5.42 per cent higher than last year.


Rs 109.18 crore for the library and Rs 80.60 crore for museums are allocated. The central bank has cut funding for celebrations of celebrities, anniversaries. The funds have been reduced from Rs 243.01 crore to Rs 100 crore. Rs 310 crore has been allocated for the ‘Art Culture Vikas Yojana’ program. Through this scheme Mahatma Gandhi Heritage Sites Mission and Dandi provide related projects, arts, culture, scholarship and fellowships.


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