Telangana Revenue Department is number one in the country….


Telangana Revenue Department is number one in the country, deputy chief minister and revenue minister Mahmood Ali said. In the wake of registration of trades in Tahsildar offices from March 11, MCR started to launch the Orientation Program on the first batch of stamps and registrations for Tahisildars in HRD. Mahmood Ali said, “There is a record of purging and registering of the future earthquakes. After 1930, the land records will be purged. This program is being done in the country without the Chief Minister KCR to ensure that the land records are perfect. Mahamood Ali said that welfare programs are being implemented through the revenue department and we spend around Rs 40,000 crore per annum. For the sake of people, the Telangana government is working for development and not for power, he said.


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