VV Vinayak requested….Pawan Kalyan….


The director VV Vinayak is now ready with his next film after Khaidi No.150. He is coming with Intelligent this week, on 9th of February. At the recently concluded pre-release event, the director said, “When I look at Sai Dharam Tej, I see Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan in him. In few shots he looked like Chiranjeevi and in few, he looked like, Pawan Kalyan. I can see hom reaching their level as he works as hard as they do.” He continued, “I enjoyed working with him and the team of Inttelligent, I am pretty confident that this movie will be as successful as Khaidi No.150. Mega fans will be double happy with Inttelligent and Tholi Prema successes.” 

He then asked Pawan Kalyan to not quit films. Even Chiranjeevi asked the same at Sardar Gabbar Singh audio event. The director said, “I am asking on behalf of all my fellow Pawan Kalyan fans, Pawan Kalyan sir, please don’t quit acting and films. You will scale heights as a politician please do at least one movie a year or two years for us fans.” He echoed most of the Pawan Kalyan fans sentiments, we have to say. 



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