A woman complained on Anchor Anasuya….


HYDERABAD: A woman complained to the police about an anchor and actress Anasuya Bharadwaj. Anasuya broked her son’s phone and the mother of the victim was complaining to the police station near Osmania University. The woman appealed to police to take action on Anasuya.


Jabbardhast Anchor Anasuya recently moved to the Tarnaka area of ​​the city for some work. A boy who was accompanied by her mother went to her on the roadside when Anasuya appeared on the road. She wanted to take Selpa with her affectionately. As soon as the actress went to Anasuya’s request, she hit the boy’s phone. When the boy’s mother asked him why his son was being beaten up, he did not answer. Anasuya went away from the car. The woman complained to the police.


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