Kushboo must attend the court….


Tamil Nadu: Actress Kushboo has been issued a notice by the Meturu court to attend her on June 12. Actress Kushboo who made controversial remarks about Tamil women in 2005 went viral in the women’s organizations across the state. The incident provoked a serious crime.  Murugan, a lawyer in the Metur Magistrate’s Criminal Court, filed a petition Kushboo. The arrest warrant was issued on Kushboo due to not attending at the court. The court then dismissed the arrest warrant after Kushboo was present.


While Kushbu was present at court, some threw Tomato and eggs on her car. The case was filed against Meturu Tahsildar Piaz Ahmad Khan and Dinesh Arivalagan, 41 on the police station. The petition was filed by a magistrate court seeking a probe into the case of Kushboo and then Police Inspector Dinakaran. The case is under investigation in the presence of Justice Raja. Advocate Murugan argues for the accused. The case came to a fresh hearing on Monday. Judge Raja has directed the actress Kushboo and inspector Dinakaran to appear before the court on Feb 12.


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