Calls centres who cheated 11,000 Americans….


The sensational issue in Pune came to light. The police were caught by the call centres who cheated about 11,000 Americans. Thousands of Americans have made sure to pay a penalty for a long time without a tax payer from Pune’s call Center llegally withdrawn millions of rupees. The US Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission’s put the surveillance on these illegal transactions.

The USA team investigating the spate of millions of dollars has been found to be fraudulent at the Pune Center. Soon they said the matter to Pune police. Police found a bogus call center at Upermerget, Kureganpark area without any permits. Then the raids were carried out. Three of the accused were detained. Some of the accused are absconding.

Call centres used the name of many American companies to collect money from the victims. The phone was threatened to pay a fine for not paying the income tax. The victims were then deposited with accounts of 500 to $ 1000. The police who have responded to the scam were found to have cheated crores of rupees. After the custody of the accused, the police said that the details will be revealed.


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