I’m going to die…


Sarangapur (Jagathala): ‘I cannot afford to pay money to my mother. A young man from Jagatthala district committed suicide on Wednesday night at Doha Khatara in the Gulf by sending  Whatsapp message to his friends. Thota Nagaraju (24) is from Sarangapuram Mandalam Pembatla, Badampally of Marchiryal Distric.


Nagraju went to Dhoha and comes once in five years. Parents have seen Shankar and Kalavati’s have also seen match to marry Nagaraju. There will be paying 500 dirhams (Rs 8779) per month for the clean-up of vehicles for Nagaraju. But it was decided to give 100 dirhams (Rs 1756) per month in the reason damage of missions. Nagaraju, who suffered a stroke, was stabbed to death on Wednesday night when he worked. Earlier, Whatsapp voiced his friends with the reasons for his suicide.


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