The work of a person in Gomix, China, made for his iPhone became a hot topic. A young man named Tang last week had a drug party with friends at a local hotel. The phone reminded her of the tang when he was going to the bathroom when the party was over. As soon as he got up, the phone dropped in the toilet hole next to it. Tang, who was shocked at him, started trying to put the hand on the hole for the phone. From the palm to the elbow….from the shoulder to the hole. No matter how much you try on the phone, right?


He tried hard for 20 minutes. He did not have a phone….. If the arm came out, he stopped. Cried for help. One person who observed this thing tried to take the tang. He did not. This led to firefighters. They smashed the bathroom and pulled out the hand. The phone can not find it. Regrettably, hotel management has agreed to pay the lost phone price (Rs 83,625). You have to see which phone the Tang with this money.


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