Going to realise in summer….


Ramgopal Varma movie shooting is complete with jet speed. After 24 years, Nagarjuna’s action film is also complete in the same speed. The shooting of this film is going to be completed by the end of March. There are currently some realistic action episodes in Mumbai. Nagarjuna is participating in this fight scenes without any dupes. The schedule will continue till the end of March. On February 16, 1989, ‘Shiva’ started the game changing film.


We’re going to rock again after 29 years, “said Nagarjuna. Adanti .. 24 years said .. Do you think the 29 year old is saying? Nag told me about ‘Shiva’. After that, Varma directed the movie ‘Anthatham’ and ‘Govinda Govinda’. “For 25 years, I still got a new actor. His name is Nagarjuna. The film is going to be released in the summer.


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