Have you seen this change in google?


    Technology: For Internet users, popular searching provided Google shock. The changes in the search engine are no longer saved as you like the ones you like. Removed the ‘View Image’ button without free photos.


    Visual, shares, and view image option, as well as next to any photos in Google. Clicking on it would open the photo and save it. But Google has now removed the option by claiming copy rights. Google is now just a visit and shares.


    “In Google we’ve made some changes today. We’ve done this to remove the View Image Button, which is useful for users, oriented websites, “Google said in a statement. This allows the user to go to the site based on the Visit Page button. It is clear that Google has done this to increase their revenue. While Google says that high-definition photos are essential for the website to be accessible, users have come to work on searching alternative paths.


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