Is this oil healthy…….?


Kachiguda: “Which company is this oil? How many times have heated what are you doing with this oil? Will you keep your house like this? Why is this hotel so bad? Drink tea here today Does it include milk and tea powder quality? Does your bakery have permissions? Where is ice from soda? Minister of Health and Family Welfare Lakshman Reddy has raised questions on the merchants.


On Friday, as part of his food checks, he made a sudden check on the Alsaba restaurant, New Bakjon, Sri Saikrishna Tiffin Center in Narayanguda YMCA Road. The oil, flour, colours, mutton, chicken, milk and chaipatta were used to collect and test water. If the owners of the hotel’s owners, who are adhering to the health of the people, do not change their attitude, they should not be paid a huge price. Sellers of the materials suggested that the food safety law should be followed by the septic majors and suggested that the colours should be used beyond the requirement. IKM Director Dr. K. Shankar is accompanied by Minister.


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