Who is the big boss?


” This is the show that I can stay with. There is no need to act like someone else. The show, which was invented by me, is … NTR is the word ‘big boss’. Will NTR’s ‘Big Boss Show’ be seen in more Action Movies? Can you talk to the original fun? There was a lot of Doubt. But all of those suspicions made the ‘Big Boss’ show introductory episode. In the first episode of 70 episodes, the NTR was made to stick to the storyline of the game, and songs.


Since the first season was successful, many felt that NTR would be good for the second season. But that’s a bitter news. The second season did not make NTR. Reliable sources information that NTR has told administrators that ‘time can not be lost’. Nets is looking for Big Boss. Allu Arjun and Nani are currently under review. Who is Big Boss? Wait and see


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