12 lakhs per month…..by selling tea


Pune: How much can you get by selling chai? Revenue is worth a thousand rupees per day if business is well done. One such person in Pune is selling chei and selling Rs. 12 lakhs are earning. Nawanath is he himself. In 2011, it was found that there are no prominent tea brands and outlets despite the good demand in Pune. Then he decided to do business and four years of research on how to make his tea taste. Subsequently, some others were joined by the chai shop in his name.


Within a few days he had a huge demand for tea. Out of this, two other locations were opened in Pune. Now he is employing 12 people in each outlet. Chai is selling around 4,000 cups per day. He said that soon the tea installer would be taken to the world level, and another hundred tea stalls would be employed for more people. Prime Minister Modi and BJP President Amit Shah recently commented that the issue of selling pakotis was also a serious debate. Referring to the matter, Navnath said,


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