Drinking water polluted….50 people are in sick


(Guntur): Guntur has been affected by drinking water in the city and 50 seriously ill. In the township of the city hall, the minister’s street in the surrounding areas of the street, the Chitkal Veeti and Red Bazaar, along the Wandu, Anandapeta, Ponnur Road and many others were joined by Guntur GJ and private hospitals. Many victims are suffering from drinking water on Saturday morning.


On Sunday morning, a private hospital in Launcestor Road was joined by 20 to 25 people with serious illnesses and vomiting. Some of these people are undergoing treatment in ICU due to the condition. As water is supplied with sewage, the leak is likely to be contaminated by leakage. Understanding the issue, the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, Chala, directed the officials to take a look at the field level of the department, engineering and public health officers.


Municipal Corporation of India MHV Dr Shobhana and Executive Engineer Lakshmaiah’s victims have been taken to the hospital where they are treated. With the Commissioner’s mandate, the Wadigudu municipal school was set up to provide free medicines to the hospital.



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