Ugadi court at Srivari Temple on 18th….


Thirumala: The Tirumala Shreevar Temple will be held on 18th of this month at Umbayam Udayi. On the same day, Sridevi, Bhadevi Sameetha Malayaipaswamy and Vishwakseenu are separated by Tirumanganam and decorated with elaborate rituals. Then festivals are celebrated in the gandamandappa and reported with lying and grieving.


After that, the courts will be held. Panchanga at the foot of Shri. Sreevari is heard in the Panchanga list of the Tirthi, the weekly Star, the New Year’s results, the profitability, the Navagraha, the uplift, the livelihood, 27 galaxies, the royal humiliations. The Tribunal has canceled the Kalyanotsavam, Angelsalva, Azhitha Brahmotsavam and the Vesamanthana service to be held on the 18th of the Ugadi court.


Annamayya on the 14th anniversary of the death anniversary ..

The 5th death anniversary of the eldest father of the elderly cousin Anamacharya will be held in Tirumala on the 14th of this month. Festivals will be celebrated at Narayanagiri Park here and will be performed by the artists of Annamacharya project from 6.00 pm.


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