Two units bill is Rs 10 thousand….


Balaji petta: Electricity bill given to a rickshaw worker’s home bill is literally Rs ten thousand. The worker who really saw it was really shocked. The units used in the bill are two and the bill is worth ten thousand rupees. The rickshaw worker from Palagara village of Nilaka Pendiyya’s home in February had an electricity bill of Rs 10,357. So the owner was unknowing. Pentaiya resides in the SC colony.


The rickshaw worker’s house has two bulbs, a fan and a TV. Rickshaw is a worker and he will stay out of the rickshaw until the evening of the morning. In February, the family members were migrating only in one month. Pandya’s service number is 354 while the bill is over ten thousand rupees. The current reading is 1671 while the previous reading is 1669. That means only two units are consumed. But the bill did not go well. He did not know what to do for Pentaiya and contacted the respective faculty


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