Women who cut the tongue of minor girl…..


Vijayawada: The death toll in Poonapalle in Krishna district It was too late that a constable family was tortured by relatives. The Constable Brahmam of Police Department died last year. The police handed over the constable’s wife to the deceased’s family members. The Aadilakshmi people who became angry were attacked by Brahmam family members.


Adilalakshmi, a minor girl, was arrested by the police and her tongue was cut. With the help of Constable’s wife, Adilakshmi’s family members cleaned the toilets in Bantupalli Bastand. After her husband’s death, Venu and Dheena Adilakshmi, who also had a cash pension of Rs 17,000 in the form of pension.


The Constable’s daughter has lodged a complaint with the local people yesterday (Tuesday) at the Poonapalle police. The police did not take any action on this. The girl is Judge S. Vijay Chandra has approached. High jurisdiction with the initiative of Judge The police responded to the case and filed an investigation.


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