Posts are sold in the Substation….


Role of Nellimarla: Jobs in Electric Substation … The job is to pay Rs.2 lakh for each job to demonstrate the protests of the Nellimaramsam Ramamathiram Panchayat D.Enilvada. In the village, the newly built substation was recently constructed. Some of the TDP leaders took a place to get the job of replacing jobs with the local unemployed youth of the ITI, who were employed in the sub-center of the village’s Chandu Appananayudu.


However, a few days ago, the news was reported that the post had been sold in the Substation and the youth went to the local Substation on Thursday and organized a protest. Speaking on the occasion, the leaders said that they would give job to one of the Appalanady’s family who gave the place. It is also a shame to sell young people without giving preference to posts. A constituency member of the ruling party alleged that the posts were sold. The officials said they would be upset if the government did not do justice to the unemployed. The program was attended by local youth Naresh, Santosh, Dhanunjaya, Suresh, Rama Naidu and Appalanudu.


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