Attacked with knife…two injured….


HYDERABAD: A man was stabbed with a knife for hurting him in traffic. This happened in the city. On Sunday afternoon, Shankar (21) and Srinath (20) Aartiva (AP 29 AP 6481) of Secunderabad Marudu Palli belonged to Siganidabad.


After the passing of Sangeet Chaura, a man who came on the Honda Passenger was quickly writing the vehicle. This led to a confrontation between them. Then the two came back and the man who came back with his sword with his sword on Shankar’s neck and Srinath stabbed him in the stomach. The police rushed to Gandhi Hospital with the help of 108 victims. Shankar was recovered from hospital. Doctors say that Srinath’s condition is worrisome but there is no mortality.


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