Young Man reacted at a right time to donate blood….


Kodavalur: A young man from my house was in a state of emergency when he had a blood donation for a woman. There are details. A woman named Tulsi, who was hospitalized at Nellore Narayana Hospital, was diagnosed with doctors. It requires no negative blood. The group’s blood was not available in the hospital and was not available in blood banks. Her relatives contacted members of the Foundation for you in the Kodavalur mandal.


None of them has any blood group. On the other hand, surgical treatment has become urgent for pregnant women. At the midnight of Saturday, a group of blood grouped by Devi Reddy Shiva Prasanthatreddi, a group of blood grouped by the president of the Foundation asked Sunil Kumar to contact him and request blood. The young man who responded to the emergency responded with humanity and returned to the hospital on the night and donated blood for the surgery. Tulsi gave birth to a healthy baby, “said a foundation.


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