Political Rangasthalam….


Based on the first looks and songs that have come so far … ‘Rangasthalam’ is a movie come with a love come love love. The politics in the theater are masculine. Talk to the film will be in the background of a political dominance in the village of Rangasthalam. According to this, “Your vote will be stamped by K.Kamababu Lanchar, which is a village candidate for the village panchayat election in the village panchayat elections,” said Kumar Babu with a photo of the pamphlet is circulating in social media. Naveen Ernani, YV Ravi Shankar and Chekrukri Mohan are producing the film ‘Rangadasalam’ on the banner of Maitrey Movie Makers under Sukumar direction.


Samantha is the heroine. Samantha was cast in the role of Ramalakshmi as Ramcharan in the role of Chitibabu in the film. Who is Siddhanga Kumar Babu? That means .. Did Kumar ever win elections? Who are the opponents What is the role of Chittababu in theater politics? Interesting details like ‘Rangazhtalam’ are to be seen. Ramcharan and Adi Pincisetti are playing the heroines in this movie. Jagapathi Babu, Prasaraj and Anasuya played important roles in the film. ‘Theatrical’ will be released on 30th of this month.


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