Radhika Apte once slapped a southern super star….


Bollywood sensational actress Radhika Apte was once again in the news. Rozyapatte, who is focusing on Bollywood, has been sexually abusive, and has been dropped in the controversial actress list. Then made comments from the South Industry Industry. Something like this, Radhika is making a sensational comment. Bollywood actress Neha Dupia’s talk show Vogue has become the royal guest of the BFF.


She said there was a famous hero in the first south of the film that she had played. The first day of the shooting was set to go on the day, and the hero was unhappy with him, sitting next to him, he said that his leg was obscene. Radhi explained that she was angry and cheered when the hero behaved with her at least not familiar with it. In Telugu, along with Balakrishna’s Legend, Lion and Varma, as well as movies like Rajinikanth’s heroine Kabali, has come to the south with Radhika South.


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