COBRA cables in the middle of the Indo-Pak border….


NEW DELHI: The Indian Defense Ministry has brought out the best technology in BSF post in the Hindu Mall in the Indo-Pak border in support of the untrained soldiers in the country’s borders. Hindu mall in Rajasthan is the world’s most sensitive area. BSF jawans patently patrol the enemies without entering the country. Dog Smackd is also involved in patrolling. The Hand Handle Thermal Imager (HHT) was recently introduced in this area.


The infrared rays that can be transmitted can detect the arrival of enemies from three to four kilometers. HHT is the backbone of security after sunset. In addition, the Indian government has set up the security of the Cobra strings along the border. This cobra wire has a high voltage current. It is equipped with a border fencing. These wires impede infiltration from Pakistan. When the intruder touches this strand, he gets conscious.


The movements of organisms can be identified by HHTE. The dogs in dogscodd participating in the patrol were specially trained for night work. In August 2017, BSF chief Sharma reminded the need for technology in the Indo-Pak border. The high tech technology will be introduced in Jammu and Kashmir, according to relevant officials.



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