Her adventures are shocking!


Queensland: Normally, if you look at the snakes, you will run ten miles away. And if you look at big snakes like a python! The heart is gobbled. But a woman was holding a pony scene and putting her on the shoulder. Her post posted on social media is becoming viral.


Bready Maro of Queensland is an electrician. There is a skill in catching snakes. A pumpkin cat came home and went home. As it turned out, Maro went to the bottom of the house and took hold of the snake. With a hand holding his neck tightly holding his arm. Then it was put in a basket, taken and left in the bush. This video was made as a video, and she became viral when she posted it on social media. ‘I’m working as a guardian of wildlife for the last 15 years. Such snakes have caught me. Snakes come out this season. Beware of all the breathe “.


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