Biometric in Panchayat also!


Kadapa education: ‘SAR .. You need your signature on electricity connection application’ .. ‘We need a plan to build our house’ … Panchayat secretaries ask the people of those villages to ask questions like ‘outside … tomorrow … tomorrow Come on. ‘ Such answers are checked. The Panchayat Secretaries are not going to look for the difficulties of the day. That’s no longer the panchayat staff in the office. There is a need to register in the biometric system where there is a. High authorities have issued orders to implement this policy from April 1. Guidelines have been issued for the creation of biometric machinery in all panchayats in the district.


Running everywhere?

In the district there are only 617 gram panchayats in 790 gram panchayats. In other places there are no own buildings. Are there biometric machines here? There is also a shortage of secretaries in various panchayats. Secretaries are currently functioning under clusters. Accordingly, there are rules for each day in each village. If this is not the case now, the biometric clause should be corrected by the Secretary to the Panchayat office and register the biometric policy. Whether or not all of these barriers will run or wait for the biometric method.


Biometric is mandatory

Already instructed to set up biometric devices in all panchayats in the district. By the end of this month, most of the panchayat offices should be set up in biometric machines. Every Secretary must be registered with Biometric from April 1. – Khadar Basha, District Panchayat Officer



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