Blue films on Billboard…. Heavy traffic jam


The shocking incident took place in a prominent commercial town in Philippe’s. An unpredictable pornographic film was broadcast on the billboard on a busy road in Makati city. Motorists were shocked when it was broadcast almost a year ago. Heavy traffic jam was formed. In the moments, the mayor of the city was aware of it and kept it from time to time. However, now the scenes have become viral since they have gone to different vehicles in their phones.


The makatie mayor said that the incident happened unexpectedly and they had ordered the investigation. As soon as the news became familiar, he said that he had stopped working on the billboard but was already a viral when the motorists had already hit their phones. In the investigation, he said that the name of the board member was also responsible for the name, operator and other employees. Pornography is legal offense in the Philippines. TVs and cinemas do not have any such scenes in mind. They are enforcing strict laws for their ban. Such a horror film on a billboard set up in open spaces is a rumor.


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