I do not know logic Rs.2000 note….


Kolkata: Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy said that the decision to cancel big banknotes by the central government has not been impressed by the urban intellectuals. However, the rural civic society has welcomed this decision in large numbers. However, why did the Center withdraw Rs 500 notes immediately after the Rs.2000 note was taken up, and that logic was still not understood. He made comments on the occasion when he spoke with students at Presidency University on Wednesday.


“I’m not a big expert in economics. The decision to abolish big banknotes was not attracted to urban intellectuals, but Indians in the villages were well received. I do not know why the big banknote decision was brought. I do not understand why logic is why the central government, which canceled Rs 500 notes for some reason, was not a specialist but why was it brought as much as 2,000 notes faster? Only experts can answer why you did this. Since the 1950s, Indian IT companies have not looked at small manufacturing manufacturers like Japan and China. Our misfortune is that 75 percent of the children in the country are going to school before the 8th class goes to school. When they reach the age of 22, they need a job. It will be available in a small range of manufacturers. In India, the sector has not grown much. Indian economists should focus on this issue, “Narayana Murthy said.



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