Collector’s serious on hostel management…


District collector Arvind Karnan has expressed anger over the accommodation of the boys and boys of Saikuntha in the district of the district of Goodiralis district. The collector checked the accommodation on Wednesday. On this occasion, the students who are getting free training for engineering entrance examination were asked to find facilities and accommodation in the accommodation. The students explained that the meals, facilities and accommodation are not correct.


He was angry with the dormitory and engineering staff. The department said that the department will take steps. The staff and the toilets have been found to be unclean and angry at the crew. Why is it ignored, the process should be changed, but the actions will be harsh.


To learn additional knowledge through the computer, many suggestions and suggestions on entrance exams were given to the students. This includes DRVO Priyanka, district tribal welfare department officer Gangaram, Diuo Binaarani, AKW Neelima, staff


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