Hyderabad Police Commissioner surprise visit to Nampally police station…


Nampally: Police Commissioner Anjaney Kumar on Wednesday night inspected the police station at Nampally police station. According to a complaint filed by a victim on the local resident bulldozer, he came straight to the police station without informing anyone. However, the staff addressed him and the staff were confused for a while. The first arrived at Nilofer’s police station. After learning that there was no station, it went a long way.


On the way, locals came to Nampally Traffic police station with the police station of law and order. Traffic police have been caught by the city commissioner. Subsequently, police came to Nampally’s police station in Shantinagar police quarters. Convoy landed at Kotwal Anjani Kumar Nampally inspector’s chamber. Inspector Sanjay Kumar spoke to him for a while. Later he spoke to reporters. He explained that he had come to Nampally police station to look into the movements of the Rowdy Sheters.



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