Inquiry on the teacher…


MEDIPPELLI (VEMULUVADA): Podhala Charan, who is studying in eighth grade at the Parishat Secondary School in Kondapur district, has complained to him on Wednesday at the police station saying he was outraged at the clarification of clan Ravinder Hanuman. The trial was held at M’Evo school. According to the story of the students and students, Charan hired him.



As usual as Budva went to school, the teacher Ravin Dar did not come to school for four days. Hanuman seeks our initiative .. Wear uniform .. As soon as Charan came out of the door, they stopped the teacher. Esk Kiran Kumar suggested not to come to school and to complain about the police station if any.



After that, the swams who rushed to the road and then complained to the SC. MEO Gautam Krishna Rao reached the school and inquired the teacher. The teacher said that he did not come to school and said he was doing this in a way. There are DEO office office adnanjans along with MEO. The MDO said that the report will be presented to the superiors.


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