8434 teacher places will be replaced….


Education Minister Kadiyam Srihari announced in the Legislative Council on Friday that 8434 teachers’ vacancies will be vacated soon in Residential Schools. He addressed a short-term discussion on residential schools in the council. The Telangana government has revealed new illuminations to the grievous schools in the joint state. Reserve schools have been allocated Rs 2835 crore in the budget. Every student is going to spend Rs. The staff working in residential schools are in the proposal to increase wages.


Colleges in the new state ..

The newly created 577 Gurukulas after the creation of Telangana state, Kadiyam said. It is estimated that 2 lakh 70,000 students are studying in all 877 gurus. “We have been upgrading 33 residential schools to junior colleges … we are trying to bring all residential schools like SC, ST, BCE and minority categories to the same platform,” he said.


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