Police Clearance Certificate Mela Tomorrow…


HYDERABAD: Passport officer Dr Vishnuvardhan Reddy today said that the Police Clearance Certificate Mela (PCC) was held under the auspices of the Hyderabad Secretariat Department under the Hyderabad Regional Passport Office and the Department of External Affairs, Hyderabad. The mela will be held at Passport Service Center in Begumpet. The Branch Secretariat officials will do the Police Clearance Certificate certificate without any fees in this Mela.


The recent increase in the number of passengers from the state to the Gulf increased the demand for the Police Clearance Certificate. The participants of the MALA website have been asked to book the slots available from the website www.passportindia.gov.in on 20th of this month and attend appropriate documents. With 1,000 slots available, a total of 250 slots have been booked so far


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