Rajya Sabha polling in Telangana ended….


HYDERABAD: The Rajya Sabha Election Voting has ended. The commencement of the committee hall number 1 in the Legislative Assembly held today at 9 am today (Friday) and the polling continued till 5 pm. Of the 117 candidates voted officially, 108 of them have voted information. TRS leaders have expressed their confidence in the three Rajya Sabha seats in the elections. All four candidates are contesting. TRS candidates Joganpalli Santoskumar, Banda Prakash and Dabanglia Lingayayadhyav are the Congress candidates in the former Union Minister P Balarunayak bir.


In the Rajya Sabha polls Congress leader Raveendra Reddy has not used the right to vote. Voting was divided by five BJP MLAs, the TDP MLAs and one CPM ML. Two Congress MLAs have been canceled recently. TRS expressed objection to Independent MLA Madhavardude vote. The TRS leaders have asked the Election Officer to cancel the vote due to the polling pacer for the Congress agent. Elections were held for 26 Rajya Sabha seats in 7 states across the country today.



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