Ram Charan on Rajamouli’s multi starrer story…..


HYDERABAD: A multi-star film in Crazy combo (RRR) has been announced for any moment. Appraisals have started since then. Since Rajamouli has uploaded a photo with Cherri-Tarak, the story of the story has been heard in the media. Cherry has now given a big shock. The script was not ready for this film.


Talking about the project, Ram Charan, who was present at the theatrical film promotion, said, “I do not have any clarity about the story. I just signed Rajamouli to the film. And it’s also interesting to see the combination of Tarak. But Rajamouli told me that the story will be heard soon, “Cherry said.


On the other hand, Rajamouli has heard the story of the story and he is working on preparing the script. However, Rajamouli feels that this is not the quickest thing to do in this multi-starrer, DVV Dananiah is producing this movie and is likely to be launched in October. The rest of the cast .. Technicians’ names will be announced at that time.


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