Seetharamula Kalyanotasvam in Bhadrachalam….


Bhadrachalam: Bhadrachalam Sri Seetharachandra Swamy Kalyanamodhavam is an Angaganga beauty. Mithilastedium is famous for this celebration. Swami in the Abhijith lag was made in the Suthamma necklace. Mithila Sri Kalyani Stadium packed with devotees who come to view. Earlier, Seetharas were distributed by the Telangana government and TTD officials to wear pearls and pearls.


Ministers Tummala, Indrakar Reddy, Thalassini Srinivas Yadav, Mayor Ramaohan of Hyderabad and several officials attended the ceremony. The state government has arranged all the arrangements for the devotees to suffer. The temple surroundings are celebrated by Srirama Nama, as the devotees migrate from different places to see Kalasana.


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