A Gift for the mega fans….


Megapavastar Ramcharan gave the gift to mega fans. On the day of his birth, the queen of Jigel has released a promo song. Mass is the first to note Megastar. This song is a maesty …, if you want a game … want a song … there are a lot of songs that are hilarious to this mass. Steps that are embedded in these songs are always reminiscent of fans’ hearts. However, the younger brother Charan tried to lend the masses into Lungi’s previous films. But he could not reach the level of the chemistry.


Cherry’s latest in the film Rangatelam is going to be seen in Lungi. But the item songs in the Sukumar movie are separate. Sukku Making, Devi Music, VizuVilization will take the item song to a level. The promo video songs of this movie are being released one by one … Fans were looking for the promo of the Zigale Queen. This song promo was released on Cherry Birthday. The video shows cherry staples and energy watching fans. This song will break the box in the theater.


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