Amir Khan in the web series….


An international channel, however, reports that Osho’s biography is being prepared for audiences in the form of a web series. Writer Shakun Batra is also preparing the script. Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who is aware of this, has been keenly interested in the project. Aamir is also willing to go to Los Angeles and meet with more Chanel representatives. If this is true, then another distinct role in Mr Perfectionist’s list is that you can get a new feel for Aamir in the web series. Osho died in 1990 as a centerpiece of many controversies.


‘The Netflix’ is a documentary series based on Osho’s life that has been renamed Wild Wild Country. Many of BeeTowns are discussing this series.

Alia too ..!

Alia Bhatt, who played Shakun Cinema Kapoor and Sons, is also keen on the project. But it does not know whether he plays or not, but Ali says that this is a great project.


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