‘Hrithik can only do justify the role’


Brahmakshikru Hrithik Roshan’s latest movie ‘Super 30’ The film is based on the real life of the mathematician teacher. Anand Kumar, a Maths teacher in Bihar, trains his students to the IIT. All his students are studying in IIT. However, the intellect is the film that is going to reach that level.


Anand Kumar said: “Eight years ago the author Sanjeev Datta came to me. Suppose you want to make a movie about the name of Super 30. Hrithik is very happy to play my role. I met him. I saw the difficulty he had for my role. I watch videos mentioned in Klasroom. He is working hard to get hold of my character. Hrithik is doing my job well. He can do justice to this role, “he said. On January 25th next year, the super30 audience is coming forward.


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